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About Me

My name is Mikayla, but my friends call me Mik! I am a recent graduate of Boston Conservatory's Musical Theatre program, and I'll be moving to NYC during summer/fall 2024. I grew up in a small town called Perrysville, Ohio, where I first found my love of performing dancing around the living room to The Wizard of Oz and Oklahoma! As a singer and actress, I enjoy both ingenue and character roles (Laurie and Ado Annie are both in my wheelhouse!) I grew up loving Golden Age musical theatre, and I am passionate about taking classic characters and giving them a modern twist. One of my dreams is to play Tony in West Side Story someday! 

I believe in the "process over product" mindset. When I focus on bettering myself as an actor, I always notice the results I'm hoping for actually materialize faster than when I have the internal monologue, "just get it right." Self-doubt is quite the mood killer! So I always prioritize believing in myself. I love to uplift others in both my professional and personal relationships because I recognize how important confidence is in my own life. To me, there's nothing more important than treating others with respect and making sure everyone feels valued and included. 


Headshot and Resume

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Headshot by Nolan Montgomery


Mikayla Myers Voiceover Demo
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